LAFAYETTE, LA – Spooky stuff! The old Moss Motors dealership is destined to attract ghost hunters from far and wide, after a couple of amateur hunters captured what appears to be an apparition of Sharon Moss strutting about in the parking lot.

The photo was taken late last night by John and Maria Dominguez, and shows what appears to be Moss in her trademark stylish get-up as the area was shrouded in dense fog.

The dealership has been closed and left abandoned for a couple of years now, however it seems that Sharon still likes to roam the premises.

John Dominguez explains the moment, and how he also captured some spine-tingling audio to go with the photo.

“It was about 2:30am and we were getting ready to wrap up”, he said, “So I thought I’d take a few last photos and do a last check outside. Well we got the photos and the apparition was clear as day – that is definitely Sharon Moss on there.”

“We then proceeded to try and grab an EVP, and what we heard stunned us. It was crackly, but we definitely heard three or four instances of “At Moss, you’re the boss!” in the audio recorder.”

The event is made even stranger by the fact that, obviously, Sharon Moss is alive and well. Maria Dominguez believes she knows why it happened, though.

“We think that, despite still being alive, the spirit of Sharon is still attached to the old dealership. Her soul lies with selling as many luxury cars as possible, and is still traveling back to a time when that was possible at this location. It hasn’t figured out yet that it is closed. It’s quite sad.”


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