NEW ORLEANS, LA – With Christmas Day just around the corner, many folk are well in the depths of deciding what they want as gifts this holiday season. New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu, however, has known for a while now.

And with Santa now taking requests, Landrieu today sent his letter off to Old Saint Nick requesting “one working pump station”.

Reading further into the letter, it appears that the request is part of a pre-negotiated deal that saw Landrieu ship the General Lee statue to Santa Claus earlier this year, which saw him melt it down in order to turn into spare parts for the North Pole Production Facility.

“Boy I sure hope Santa comes this year”, Landrieu was reported to have said with a twinkle in his eye as he pushed the letter into a nearby USPS box, “I’ve been awfully good. I’d love a new pumping station, and per our signed agreement I’d be a shame if I had to sue him for everything he has.”

“Thanks Santa! Hope you can swing by the Landrieu household!”

The pumping station is desperately needed for the city, and is sure to come as a welcome Christmas gift.


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