ERATH, LA – In an announcement that could possibly see the science books turned on their heads, a group of local people have suggested that what we know about a local town is simply fabricated lies.

The group, known as “Flat Erathers”, published a report (a two page Microsoft Word document to be precise) today claiming that the town of Erath does not exist on our planet, but as a separate entity on a flat, oval-shaped disk.

Chris Henry of the Flat Erathers explained in a little more detail how the concept works.

“Erath itself doesn’t exist here”, he said, “Not on the planet Earth as we know it. It exists as an individual landmass on a oval-shaped plane that is perfectly flat. It has a rocky base, and is still orbited by our Sun and our Moon.”

“People have been asking us “Well, how do you get to Erath if it’s on a flat disk in the middle of space?”. Well, if you drive down Highway 14 into Erath we believe that you pass through some sort of invisible portal, kind of like on Stargate. However this portal is most likely dome shaped. You wouldn’t actually realize that you’ve been transported to Erath, but you have. The same effect happens when you leave Erath.”

“33rd degree masons have been keeping this one quiet for centuries now, but we know the truth. NASA lies to you, the government lies to you, and the Town of Erath Mayor and Council lie to you. Don’t trust any of them. Open your mind and seek the truth.”

“Also please buy our Flat Erath merchandise, available at all of our secretive underground meetings.”


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