WASHINGTON, D.C. – Once a cop, always a cop. Congressman Clay Higgins had a long weekend off last week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, which meant plenty of family time and even more TV time. And after channel hopping for 30 minutes, came across cult classic movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Higgins only caught 15 minutes of the movie and believed that it was a documentary. And now, spurred on by the movie title, he is looking for approval from the House of Representatives for funding in finding out who exactly was behind the framing in question.

He made his speech to the house this morning, airing live on C-SPAN.

“I stand before the house today, coming to you with a plea”, he said, “A plea that will help crack what I believe to be one of the biggest unsolved cold cases in American history. A grand injustice to an innocent man’s family – a grand injustice to our nation.”

“I saw a part of the Roger Rabbit documentary last night. Enough to know that this is wrong. I was appalled. I was appalled and ashamed that this had slipped through the cracks of the criminal justice system. I intend to put this right.”

“I come to the house today asking for $75,000 in funding which I will use to prove Roger’s innocence and exonerate him. You all have a copy of my request, please read over it. I urge you all to pass this request and help me in fixing this travesty.”

The house did not immediately make a decision on the request, but one is expected to be made in the coming days.


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