LOUISIANA – There was uproar across most of Louisiana this evening after Family Feud host Steve Harvey took a knee during the opening credits of the beloved game show.

With most of the state currently boycotting the NFL still, they have been heavily reliant upon finding alternative TV shows to watch in order to pass the time. 9 times out of 10, this has resulted on families resorting to watching Family Feud.

Hundreds of thousands of these families had gathered around their TV’s after their Thanksgiving meals today, ready to watch two families battle it out in the biggest showdown since Romeo and Juliet. However when host Steve Harvey took a knee, the majority of them turned their sets off in disgust.

Bea McKintyre of Butte la Rose was one of those people, and she explained her disgust.

“Oh we turned it off immediately”, she said, “We’ll be boycotting Family Feud, just like we’re boycotting the NFL, Keurig, and approximately 582 other things. I forget what they all are now, but I have a list stuck on the front of the refrigerator.”

“I’m not sure what we’re going to watch now. We have DirectTV with 685 channels but there are only four shows left that we don’t refuse to watch. Well, three now, since Family Feud is blacklisted.”

“I guess our new Holiday show is going to be The Brady Bunch, although I’m half expecting one of them to


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