DELCAMBRE, LA – Incredible. Just one day after Thanksgiving, Pawpaw confirmed this morning that he enjoyed it so much that they should do it all again today.

Pawpaw, who has been retired for 11 years now and spends most of his days watching TV and gardening with zero life commitments, loved having the whole family over to their place yesterday and is wondering why this isn’t more of a regular thing.

He is currently believed to be residing in the kitchen prepping another full-sized turkey, while Mawmaw is running errands and completely oblivious as to what is taking shape.

“Y’all come on over today and eat”, said the voicemail left by Pawpaw on various family members voicemails, unbeknownst to him that everyone was already back at work, “I got another turkey in the oven. Come get’chy’all another plate!”

As of 9:20am, nobody had returned his call. However should nobody turn up, Pawpaw is expected to make deliveries of to-go plates.


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