New Iberia, Louisiana – Great news to kick off the long weekend weekend. Despite a rash of shootings in New Iberia recently, including cousins mercing each other, one local family gives us all a reason to hope.

The extended members of the Angelle family got together for Thanksgiving down on Hawkins Street, and despite arguments over football, or who took the last Bud Light from the ice chest, nobody was seriously injured or shot.

“It got really sketchy a few times during the festivities,” stated family matriarch, Gloria Angelle. “There were a couple of instances where I thought shots would be fired when T-Ray showed up in a Dallas Cowboys jersey. This is Saints country, you can’t do that shit here, no.”

Tempers also flared when a cousin from New Orleans asked why there weren’t any tomatoes in the gumbo, and brought oyster dressing instead of the local favorite, rice dressing.

The gathering wasn’t without conflict. At one point, a family member who jokingly showed up wearing a Trump hat was taken into the backyard and threatened with an ass-whipping. Fortunately, all was forgiven once Uncle Thibodeaux managed to distract the crowd with a classic Boudreaux and Thibodeaux joke.

While New Iberia struggles with a wave of gun violence, the Angelle family has shown us all that we can co-exist, without popping a cap in someone’s ass. Happy Holidays, everyone!


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