LAFAYETTE, LA – A major milestone in remembrance was reached this past weekend, as veterans of the Great KATC Comment War were formally remembered at services across all of Acadiana.

Acadiana has regularly remembered the brave men and women who have served in WW1, WW2, Vietnam and other high profile conflicts throughout the history of the United States. However the KATC Comment Wars have often been overlooked, and officials took steps to amend that this year by including them in remembrance services.

The sickening and brutal wars, which have been going on since around 2013 and continue to this day, has seen the reporting and banning of countless men and women. Some have been lucky enough to come back from these bans and return to the front line, but many have not had the privilege.

“The KATC comment section sees some of the most brutal conflicts on a daily basis”, said local parish official Mary Orozco, “We felt that it was only right to honor these fine folk who are involved in, and have been involved in this. This weekend, we honored them and thanked them for their service.”

“We will strive to ensure that this inclusion continues in future Veterans Day weekends.”


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