Although a straight to DVD release, this 2017 action movie is severely underrated.

The Pope Identity is the story of a man (Brian Pope), that wakes up one morning in the suburbs of Lafayette. Groggy and dazed, the man suffers from total amnesia, not knowing his background or how he got there. He has no personal belongings except for one thing -an identity card that gives his name, age, date of birth and most importantly his occupation. Brian Pope is Lafayette City Marshal.

Frightened, scared, and knowing full well that despite not having any skills in being a City Marshal or even knowing who he was before regaining consciousness, he sets out on a personal mission to become the best City Marshal in the world.

The movie is a story of helplessness, desperation, and complete ineptitude as the bumbling Pope attempts to carry out the day to day duties of City Marshall in an embarrassing fashion.

In a stroke of genius from the writers, one scene portrays Pope attempting to sue city officials for accessing their own computer server – a real facepalm moment, and one that encapsulates the character from top to bottom.

With a flowing plotline that captivates the viewer and provides them with belly laughs from the get-go, The Pope Identity really does deserve to be seen by more viewers than it has already had.

It’s rare that a character makes you feel sorry for him in the way that you do with Brian Pope, and honestly it’s a relief that people like this don’t exist in real life.

Give this gem a watch.

Rating: 8/10


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