LAFAYETTE, LA – Sorry local men, it seems that the age old adage of “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” continues to ring true.

Local authorities this evening released a statement reminding residents that Internet pop-ups stating that “hot single women in your area have boudin” are ultimately just scams, and should be ignored at all costs.

There have been a spate of both men and women falling for these ad’s in the Southern Louisiana area, clearly lured in by the promise of boudin. And in a few cases, the hot single women too.

“We just want to give a gentle reminder to folk that, although the promise of free boudin is always a tough one to say no to, these proposals that pop-up on your Internet browser are scams”, said Officer David Palomares of the Lafayette Police Department. “We’ve had to deal with a number of these incidents recently, mainly from people watching NFL streams on shady websites in order to avoid family realizing that they’re not actually boycotting the sport.”

“The best thing you can do is to close the ad’s immediately, and purchase your boudin from a reputable source. These hot single women with boudin do not exist. I repeat, they do not exist.”


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