LOUISIANA, USA – In a poll released today, it has been discovered that 89% of Louisiana residents now prefer to remember their cherished loved ones who have recently passed away by installing rear window decals on their cars and trucks.

As little as 15 years ago, 96% of residents were still happy with erecting a gravestone or a memorial. However it appears that the trend has now swung in the opposite direction.

The poll was undertaken by the Southern State Statistical Institute. Robert Kangas lead the research, and explained his results.

“It seems that the majority of people of Louisiana are sparing no expense in remembering their loved ones by installing the most beautiful, intimate and quite simply heart-breaking car decals” he said, “The most popular one is the vectorized dove silhouette. However we also noticed a popularity in the Jesus-nailed-to-a-cross decal and the ever popular firearm decal.”

“All of these coupled with completely illegible script lettering makes for a truly intimate way of remembering someone that a gravestone or a memorial could never achieve.”

“It also means that the driver behind gets to spend his or her commute wondering how Troy or TJ passed away at such an early age.”

The results are planned to be released in the Louisiana Life Journal later this year.


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