LAFAYETTE, LA – What a weekend! Festivals Acadiens et Creoles came to a close last night after three solid days of good food, great music, and just about the best of everything that our revered culture has to offer. And needless to say, it closed out in style.

Local staple Wayne Toups was gifted the main stage’s final slot, and the much-loved musician brought the house down with a set for the ages.

Toups began his playlist by cranking out many of his much loved classics such as ‘Oilfield Blues’ and ‘I’ll Lay Your Ass Out’ before moving on to the lesser-known back catalog with tunes such as ‘The Ballad of the Girard Park Crackhead’.

However with the set entering its dying embers, proceedings got turned all the way up to 11 as Toups burst into a 22-minute accordion solo during a cover of Led Zepplin’s ‘Stairway To Boudin’.

The final encore saw him get down on both knees, squirt lighter fluid on his accordion and setting it alight whilst playing the last few notes. A truly memorable ending to an unforgettable weekend.

Festivals Acadiens et Creoles returns next October, where there is no doubt that this Wayne Toups act will try and be topped in the most spectacular ways possible.


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