WACO, TX – It’s the end of an era. Famed remodeling gurus Chip and Joanna Gaines today confirmed that their popular TV show ‘Fixer Upper’ will be ending after Season 5. The reason? They finally failed in fixing up a property – in New Iberia.

Chip and Joanna were both on set in the Iberia Parish city over the past two weeks, and after realizing that the 2 bed 1 bath house they were working on was even beyond their help, decided that they are no longer worthy of fixing houses up.

Speaking from Magnolia Homes, their remodeling and design business in Waco, TX, the couple explained what happened and why they felt that they couldn’t go on.

“We saw a house available for remodeling on the Internet about a month ago”, Chip said, “It was in a little city in New Iberia. Very cheap, and perfect for flipping. So we bought it, and rolled on over there a few days later. As soon as we turned up we knew that this was the biggest challenge we had faced yet.”

“It was like trying to shine a turd. Absolutely impossible. We could have gold plated the entire house but it would have only been worth $5 more.”

“We feel like we have failed”, explained Joanna, “We thought we were capable of fixing anything up, but that 2 bed 1 bath in New Iberia just completely defeated us. We knew there and then that we couldn’t live up to the name of ‘Fixer Upper’ and decided to call it a day.”

“We can only apologize to our fans. But seriously, go to New Iberia and you’ll understand.”


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