NEW ORLEANS/MINNEAPOLIS/CHARLOTTE – Amid all of the current tension regarding NFL footballers taking a knee as a form of protest, Saints fans have suddenly realized that the clearly unpatriotic kick holder does the same thing at any given opportunity while on the field of play.

Clearly highly offended, many loyal Saints fans have been voicing their displeasure at the holder’s on-field act.

“If there’s anything less patriotic than kneeling for the American national anthem, then it’s kneeling during a game of American football!” said Saints fan Philip Avila, “It makes me sick. Leave that kneeling crap for when you’re off-the-job!”

“I never noticed it before but it’s pretty clear now that it’s been brought to my attention. Look at him, he just struts onto the field, takes a knee for a few seconds while the kicker kicks the ball, then walks off! It’s crazy. It’s pathetic. Fire his ass!”

Another Saints fan, Patricia Boreland, explains that until he stops kneeling during play, she will be taking her business elsewhere.

“I want the NFL and the Saints to realize that until that disrespectful son-of-a-bitch stops doing what he’s doing by kneeling while the game is in play, I won’t be there.” she said, “If it happens again, I’ll even shred my jersey. It’s just sad, very sad.”

The NFL declined to comment on the issue.


  1. Ironic how this was our first win though! I think the Saints do best under pressure! I didn’t watch the first quarter because I was expecting to be disappointed! I’m glad I was wrong. 🙂


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