ATLANTIC OCEAN – Explaining that it was “perhaps a little harder than originally thought”, Hurricane Jose is still trying to get the hang of the finer details of the Cajun two-step.

After becoming a little bored traveling over the open seas for such a long time, Jose decided to take up Cajun dancing as a way to pass the time. However, despite keeping at it for a good few days now, Jose is still struggling to get his feet in the right positions.

The latest path prediction also indicates that he isn’t expected to improve anytime soon.

“I took this up thinking that it would be pretty easy to pick up”, explained Jose, “But man I was wrong. I’m falling all over the place, and quite honestly with all these eyes on me it’s pretty embarrassing.”

“I’m definitely not doing anything to give a good impression of myself to Cajuns. I’m completely aware of that. I’m sorry.”


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