BATON ROUGE, LA – You may need quite a few cups of this to wake you up in a morning. With the new college football season underway, Community Coffee this morning launched their new ‘LSU 2017/2018 Blend’, available at all good retailers effective immediately.

The fresh blend is described as “having wonderful aromas of falling short and notes of ineptitude, with a taste that is sour from the start and follows through with a typical lifeless finish”.

Local coffee experts are, as usual, excited by the seasonal release. However equally as usual they expect to be thoroughly let down.

“It’s a cycle that we as coffee aficionado’s are completely used after the past five years or so”, said local coffee enthusiast Bruce Servais, “We go into the seasonal releases full of expectation and high hopes, only to be let down by a dull, boring, predictable outcome. This is why it aligns so well with the LSU football team.”

“This year’s blend seems to be just as unimaginative. But we’re already looking forward to next season’s best blend yet, which I’m positive will end up being a complete letdown.”


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