LAFAYETTE, LA – Day one of the Louisiana Comicon at the Cajundome was a huge success once again, however the day was slightly marred by an alcohol-fueled Zydecoman causing a huge ruckus and eventually being escorted out and ultimately being arrested.

Zydecoman reportedly started drinking at around 10am and hadn’t stopped by 4pm. Comincon goers reported that he was cuffed at around 4:30pm after trying to break into and drive away on one of the Jurassic Park Ford Explorers whilst shouting “HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS!” loudly.

He was also seen trying to sell fake Pokemon cards to 7-year old children, as well as landing a right-hook on an unidentified Ant-Man and telling him to “suck my D chord”.

“We can report that an over-sized accordion was apprehended earlier today at the Lousiana Comicon”, an LPD spokesperson confirmed, “The person involved was being highly unruly and definitely not appropriate for an event in which so many children were present. The Jurassic Park thing was pretty funny though. Kudos for that.”


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