ISS, EARTH’S ORBIT – On the back of LSU’s 37-7 defeat at the hands of Mississippi State this evening, astronauts aboard the International Space Station have confirmed that Les Miles’ smug grin is currently visible from their current position.

Miles, who was released from his position of LSU coach in September of last year for garnering a reputation of being unable to mount a challenge against the bigger teams, could reportedly only watch on and bite his lip as the lesser opposition of Mississippi State railed the purple and gold like a cheap hooker.

Russian and American astronauts alike were able to see the grin for around an hour after the game ended, before it began to gradually fade off.

“It was a spectacular phenomenon to see”, said Randy Bresnik, “Usually it’s just the Great Wall of China that we can see from up here, so it was a welcome change.”

“We got some great photographs. We think we’ve got a great chance of seeing again next Saturday if I’m being perfectly honest.”

LSU return to the Tiger Stadium next week as they take on Syracuse Orange, who are currently 3rd in the ACC.


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