LAFAYETTE, LA – After taking on heavy criticism on the state of the Verot School Road construction project in recent days, Project Engineer Stevie Wonder today defended the situation and confirmed that everything looks great.

Wonder, who has been in charge of the project from day one, hit back at critics and suggested that everything looks in wonderful shape and that there’s absolutely no reason for people to have any issues with it whatsoever.

“I really don’t see what the big deal is”, he said, “I’m out here every day and it looks fine to me. My team tell me that we’ll be finished in no time. Not that it should be an issue right now anyway – everything is neatly laid out and in its place despite the fact that we’re widening the road.”

“There’s plenty of room, traffic isn’t backing up, the workers are happy, drivers are happy -it certainly doesn’t look like a construction zone. We’re doing a great job.”

“Y’all just be quiet and let us get on with it.”


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