LOUISIANA – Wow. Upon hearing the news that Kaplan Police Chief Boyd Adams was today arrested on charges pertaining to felony theft and malfeasance in office, 87% of Louisiana expressed their astonishment that Kaplan actually has a functioning police department.

The majority of residents were shocked to hear that the Southern Louisiana “city” not only has a fully-implemented code of law, but also has a fairly organized hierarchy of policing officials whose ultimate aim is to uphold it.

“I genuinely thought they had a Wild West-style law enforcement down there”, said Lafayette resident Daryl Cunningham, “Y’know where kind of anything goes and they have duels in the streets and vigilantes run amok. Either that or something like they have on The Walking Dead. Which I guess is pretty similar to the Wild West anyway.”

“It’s always good to learn new things about places. Maybe they’re more advanced than we thought they were.”


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