LAFAYETTE, LA – Hold tight, Florida – help is on the way! Southern Louisiana’s covert special ops’ group SKOAL Team Six has been mobilized and officially deployed to the Sunshine State.

With Southern areas of the state beginning to feel the force of Hurricane Irma, President Trump has reportedly been advised by close counsel to deploy the “crack commandeaux team” in order to recover and secure important people, building and other items of national importance.

It is also believed that they have been instructed to retrieve Mar-A-Lago by digging the structure up and airlifting it to a new location.

While nobody was available to confirm or deny the deployment, a number of unmarked F150’s have recently been seen heading East along the I-10 with a faint smell of chewing tobacco wafting from them.

This story is ongoing.


  1. Whoo Hooo!…no, not dat. Yahooo!…no, not dat. Yeehaa!…no, not dat! Poooyaii!..dat’s it! That’s Skoal Team Six’s rallying cry!!! POOOYAII…MAIS YEAH! Go commandeauxs! Dig up dat Mar-a girl and and bring her down here to a safe place! Keep us informed Daily Crawfish News, we are hanging on every word like a pat-a-sah on the line. God help those poor people cause the Croix Rouge won’t!


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