LAKE CHARLES, LA – Worried that they may not have somewhere to stay tonight after visiting on such short notice, Mawmaw has reportedly offered to let them stay the night in her spare room.

Sources confirmed that not only has the room has been cleaned and fresh bed sheets applied, but her trusty old dehumidifier has been placed in the corner of the room and turned on.

Extra pillows and blankets will of course be available, and will most likely be on the top shelf of the closet, located somewhere near that box of various knick-knacks and old framed photographs.

In addition to the room, insiders also claim that she plans to cook enough to feed a small army, and will insist that they either go back for thirds or fix them some plates to take home with them.

The Trumps are expected to be told to retire to bed whenever they like as they must have had a long day, however Mawmaw herself allegedly plans to stay up until the early hours, watching reruns of various shows with the lights turned off.

It is still unclear if the President and the First Lady will take Mawmaw up on her offer, but she reportedly won’t be offended if they don’t.


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