LAKE CHARLES – Wow, talk about an oversight. Emerging from Air Force One moments ago, Donald Trump was seen wearing a jacket within Louisiana state lines – a move that locals are calling a “major mistake”.

Clearly having not researched the Louisiana climate and being unaware that it’s as humid as the devil’s ass-crack 98% of the time, the President was seen to be sweating profusely while walking down the stairs from the aircraft, with onlookers clearly bemused as to why the hell he would do that.

“Is he wearing a jacket? Is he insane? Does he not know which state he’s in right now? This isn’t Michigan”, were numerous comments emerging from the crowd below, “The guy’s going to lose 50 pounds in minutes. I hope he’s got plenty of water.”

Officials are reported to be planning emergency talks with President Trump in an effort to get him to change into a Magellan fishing shirt or at least a Salt Life tank-top.


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