LAKE ARTHUR, LA – Hollywood is returning to the state! With Hurricane Harvey set to push its way through Louisiana over the next couple of days, production crews are taking the opportunity to record sea-life being thrown 100ft into the air and using the footage in their upcoming movie Sharknadeaux.

Crews rolled into the Lake Arthur area at around 10am this morning and began setting up temporary shelter, equipment, and other necessities to get the job done.

Executive Director of the movie Brian Parrott explained the last-minute decision.

“I mean look, this is going to save us a ton on hiring someone to create the CGI effects of sharks flying through the air”, he said, “We just set up some camera positions, buckle ourselves to the ground, and point the damn things upwards. We’re going to get all the footage that we need and then some.”

“We’re on a pretty tight budget so we’ll take anything we can get. In fact – sorry guys, we’re gonna have to cut this interview short, I think I just saw a hammerhead clip the top of a Wendy’s sign. Quick, Steve, did you get that?! Awesome!”

The crew will be in town for two days.


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