LAFAYETTE, LA – Finally, a way to keep people relatively relaxed in times of danger! From today, news outlets across the region have agreed to begin presenting tornado warnings through a ‘The Price Is Right’-style announcement in order to reduce the fear factor.

The first one was made at 6:30am when Pecan Island was given a tornado warning.

“PECAN ISLAND, COME ON DOWNNNNNNNNN!” was heard on televisions across the area – a welcome change from the usual phrases such as “Tornado warning! Get to a safe space, now! Hunker down and do not move!” which historically has caused anxiety for many members of the public.

Pecan Island resident Marcella Romano thought that it made a fantastic change.

“I heard the tornado warning this morning and felt far less far than what I usually did”, she explained. “I thought I was watching a game show on the TV, and almost felt the urge to hoop and holler excitedly as I made my way to the bathroom armed with my candles and bottles of water.”

“It makes you feel like you’ve won something, y’know? Like, “Pecan Island? Hey that’s us! Woo that’s us! Yeah, Pecan Island!” so yes it definitely worked for me.”

News outlets will be meeting later in the week to brainstorm further ideas on how to make these types of announcements less frightening.


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