LAFAYETTE, LA – Clearly frazzled since last night, area mom Cyndy Hill confirmed that she just wants to know if any schools will be closed.

As heavy damaging storms rolled across most of Louisiana yesterday and early this morning, she has been persistent in her quest to find out of any schools will be closed.

Evidently lacking in any trust towards the local school board’s reliability of announcing closures, Ms. Hill took to local news outlets to ask if any schools will be closed.

“Will any schools be closed?”, she asked in the comment section of Rob Perillo’s (still in a low-earth orbit, by the way) live Facebook video. The comment was wedged in between numerous other instances of area mom’s asking if schools will be closed.

And despite KATC confirming that no schools will be closed, Ms. Hill took the step of asking one more time this morning if any schools will be closed, just in case.

“I just want to know if any schools will be closed”, explained Ms. Hill. “It’s just a simple question.”

No public schools have been declared as closed within Acadiana as of this morning.


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