GUEYDAN, LA – What a fall from grace. Looney Tunes star Daffy Duck made a meet-and-greet appearance at the Gueydan Duck Festival today, and spent 90% of the time trying to accurately pinpoint where exactly in his career it all went wrong for it to lead to this point.

A once well respected and much loved Looney Tunes star, Daffy Duck met with fans, signed autographs and posed for photographs at one of the booths of the annual festival.

“I just don’t understand it. I thought I had a great career. I made good money, I schmoozed with the greats. Yet here I am – a duck festival out in the Louisiana boonies. What happened, Daffy? Where did it all go wrong?”

“Why are they wearing camo? Is there even a bathroom here? What is that guy doing to that duck? That can’t be legal, surely. Why is his truck so high up? Jesus Christ get me out of here… I’m going to kill my manager for booking this gig.”

He is taking it back up a slight notch after this event however , as he hits the Louisiana casino circuit on a motivational speech tour, aiming to lift the spirits of Louisiana residents by recreating some of his best Looney Tunes scenes.


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