LAFAYETTE, LA – It really is a stunning sight. With college football season getting back into gear, the folks at the University of Lafayette have upgraded Cajun Field to a whole new level by installing beautiful, state-of-the-art purple and gold LED lights.

The lights, which create a gorgeous ambient glow each night, were apparently on sale at a local industrial light fixture provider.

UL Athletics spokesperson Harry Revoir explained that they were lucky to get the lights as cheaply as they did.

“I’m not sure how I got them at such a great price, but here we are”, he said. “I looked at the budgets that I was working with, and it was pretty tight. But once the salesperson saw that I worked for UL, he gave me the whole fixture plus installation for $5000. That was like an 80% discount. I’m very pleased with myself, to be honest.”

“I saw some students yelling and pointing at them as I was leaving work last night. I can only assume that they were excited to see them up and operational.”

The Cajuns take on SE LA on September 2 at Cajun Field, where the lights will be shining brightly.


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