LAFAYETTE, LA – Uh-oh. This could spell trouble. Lafayette authorities have warned residents of a potential uprising of anti-Cajun instrument group ‘AN T-FER’ after increased demonstrative activities have been noted around Acadiana in recent days.

AN T-FER, who vigorously protest the usage of Cajun triangles in music, have been spotted at numerous locations around in the area armed with both signage and air-horns to get their message across.

Despite the fact that all demonstrations thus far have been peaceful, authorities are warning area citizens to allow them to continue their protests and refrain from confronting them.

“Everything so far has been respectful of the law and we’d like to keep it that way”, LPD spokesperson Jim Gerrard said, “In light of recent violence around the country we’d like to sincerely ask local residents to refrain from butting heads with them. They have permits, and they have their rights to assemble peacefully.”

“Although I’m not going to lie, personally I think that they’re insane. Who doesn’t love t-fers? Cajun music ain’t nothing without it. But that’s a conversation for another time. Just leave them to it, okay?”


  1. I would not advise any protester to go down there in cajun country and hold a protest. Alligators love humans. I would imagine outsiders intent on causing problems would not be safe in Bayou country.


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