GANNETT PEAK, WY – Truly magical. Only months after being given significant upgrades to his already highly-advanced self, Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo has reportedly evolved into his final form thanks to the spiritual power of the eclipse.

Perillo, who scaled Wyoming’s remote Gannett Peak for the celestial event, was allegedly “at one with the Sun and the Moon and the universe as a whole”. Witnesses say that he periodically levitated from the ground in a motion reminiscent of someone being beamed into a U.F.O, and gave off an eerie green glow that lasted for about a minute.

It is not known what this means for Perillo at this time, as he hastily disappeared from sight once totality was completed.

Bystanders were both shocked and awed by the spectacle.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like it in all of my years”, said hiker Jolie Frasier, “I came for the eclipse but I stayed for that man. I don’t know who he was, or what was happening, but it was truly a breathtaking sight to see.”

Area news outlets are keeping an eye out for him, and plan to update us when they learn anything.


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