TAICHUNG, TAIWAN – After a somewhat surprise win over the Chargers on Sunday night, brown paper bag manufacturers all over the globe are being forced to scale back their production output.

Some manufacturers in Asia have cut-back their production rates by up to 40% according to numerous reports.

Managing Director of Taiwan-based manufacturer Sunchang Corp. explains why and how this will hurt them.

“Most people think that our main export destinations are grocery stores”, he said, “But they’d be wrong in thinking that. In fact, over 80% of all paper bags we make go directly to Saints fans. So when they’re losing, we’re winning. When they’re winning, we don’t do so good. So to see them beat the Chargers last night wasn’t great for us.”

“We’ve had to cut back, yes. Demand is lower right now. Hopefully normality can be resumed sooner than later.”


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