LAFAYETTE, LA – Lafayette Police are warning locals to be vigilant after numerous reports of strange goings-on at the Circle K located on West University avenue.

The reports come amid sightings of two younger gentlemen and one older gentleman stood around what appears to be an old-style phone booth in the middle of the parking lot, clearly in the depths of an important discussion.

The incident was called in by Lafayette resident John Griffin, who overheard certain parts of said conversation.

“They were acting real strange”, observed Mr. Griffin, “I was there pumping gas and overheard most of what went down.”

“So they were talking about a politics report that they needed to completed or something – how they only had a few hours left before the deadline. They then questioned “if there were any important political figures in this era” or something like that.”

“I saw them go into the Circle K and ask the cashier who the current U.S. President and the current Louisiana state congressman currently was. After she told them, they both burst into hysterical laughter, seemed to play air guitar for a few seconds, walked into the phone booth and then left empty-handed in a blaze of lightning bolts. Like, the people and the phone booth disappeared. Literally disappeared. It was really weird.”

Police are urging people to be on the lookout for any further strange activity, and advise calling them if anything else is witnessed.


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