LAFAYETTE, LA – It’s over, it’s done. Area officials have officially confirmed that Lafayette’s Redflex speed cameras were executed in the early hours of this morning.

The execution by firing squad was undertaken by a number of gun enthusiasts at 6:47am CST in the parking lot behind Cavender’s on Ambassador Caffery Parkway. Death was reported to be instantaneous.

The cameras, which angered t-boys all over town with their speed enforcement and unlawful, officially went dark at midnight of June 5th.

“The execution was swift”, confirmed official Steven Benedict, “The event was over in less than five minutes. They were granted some final words and a number of them had some to say. However just like their $25 fines, we ignored them.”

“We continue our efforts to rid the world of this evil. It’s a big step forward.”

No family members were present at the execution.


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