NEW ORLEANS, LA – A disturbing piece of news coming out of New Orleans tonight, as a man has been ruthlessly evicted from his house without any prior warning being given to him.

Mr. Robert E. Lee, a life-long resident of New Orleans, was reported to have been minding his own business when he was allegedly removed from his residence and forced into the back of a Budget rental truck at around 5 p.m. No explanation has yet been given to Mr. Lee.

Mr. Colin Gold, a representative of Mr. Lee, this evening confirmed the story and spoke of his utter disgust at how authorities have treat his client.

“This is a situation in which my client has been terribly manhandled and the lack of information that is being provided to us at this time is non-existent”, he said, “My client was innocently watching The Dukes of Hazzard on his television when masked men forced their way into his residence and carried him out. He was then placed into a rental van and driven to the local city dump. That is when he called me where we made arrangements to collect him.”

“I am also shocked at how these men handled my client before removing him from his residence. Ropes were used on him, and hands were put in places that would shock you. Or possibly arouse you. Regardless, my client is shaken and confused and we will be assessing various legal avenues.”

Early support for Mr. Lee has been strong, with many¬†trailer parks and other small outlying communities expressing their dismay at the eviction of “a nice old man”.

The story continues to develop.


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