LAFAYETTE, LA – Settling on the fact that being able to sell so many overpriced tickets to so many fans is the only thing that could possibly justify spending so much time in Lafayette, country singer Garth Brooks today confirmed that he is now resigned to the possibility of spending the next 20 years playing Cajundome shows.

Brooks, who was initially only supposed to play one show in the city, has seen his management team arrange extra dates, in order to accommodate the vast number of middle-aged women and bejeweled jeans-wearing guys who have the inhuman ability to sit through three-or-more of his songs.

And at the mercy of his money-hungry management team, Brooks is believed to have arranged a family meeting today in order to say goodbye to his family, explaining to them that the next time he will see them they may not remember who he is.

Arrangements are supposedly being made to bring in a double-wide trailer for housing, which will be located at the rear of the venue, just across from the storage room in which Nickelback currently live.

“He’s pretty down”, explained an anonymous close friend, “I mean, having to spend that much time in Lafayette, it’s understandable. But the money will be worth it. He’s already sold out all of his 3,120 shows apparently.”

“It’s going to be tough for him to integrate to that life, I think. I mean, he’s pretty a pretty open-minded individual so there’s one obstacle right off of the bat. He’s said goodbye to everyone he loves – he has no plans on making them move here. But he’ll be fine – he’s already visited the venue to get a feel for it. He’s met the Nickelback guys and even helped clean up the bodies from the boxing event last weekend.”

Brooks’ first show is on Saturday, June 24.


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