LAFAYETTE, LA – Wow, this is a real ballsy move by the Festival International organizers.

In a last-minute reshuffle thanks to an unpaid intern pointing out that “Hey uh, guys, we’re pretty broke”, head honchos of the ever-popular Acadiana festival have had to axe THIRTY international acts that were due to perform over the next four days.

However, ever the local hero, Lafayette-stalwart Wayne Toups saved the day by agreeing to step-in to replace every single lost act, and even plans to wear each acts’ respective cultural attire.

Toups, who has been camped outside of the Festival International main office since February of this year in the hopes of getting a slot in the schedule, has agreed to be paid solely in funnel cakes, as long as there’s plenty of white powder on them. Sugar, of course.

A last-minute schedule change has been released, and now lists all of Toups’ scheduled acts. Expect to see the likes of Wayne Toups (U.S.A.), Wayn-Pablo Toupez (Chile), Waynito Toupazzino (Italy), Wayniy Toupzikiv (Ukraine), Waynhelm Töupze (Germany), and the up-and-coming star Waynik Toupewicz (Poland).

Festival International starts tonight!


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