LAFAYETTE, LA – A little bit of belated news from over the weekend, as the annual Clash Of The Cocktails event took place last Friday night.

The competition pits a select few local bartenders against each other, to see who can create the concoction that can kill the judges the quickest through liver failure. And this year’s winner really went over well with the Louisiana crowd.

The cocktail – aptly named the ‘Eunice Wife Beater’ – was a simple mixture of half a bottle of Bud Light, 5 shots of Crown Royal, followed by the other half of the bottle of Bud Light.

Creator, and last-minute entry Carl Daley, said that he wanted to “capture the spirit of Louisiana”.

“If you look at lists, we’re essentially last in everything”, he said, “So I thought, what better way to reflect that than to mix the two drinks that would appear last on most people’s drink of choice list.”

“I was thinking about using Natty Light, but shit, I’m not that sadistic.”

And Daley thinks that it went over a hit with the locals.

“Ever since my win, I haven’t been able to keep up with demand”, he explained. “Everyone thinks that it’s just as simple as adding Bud to Crown. Wrong. There’s much more to it than that. There’s a method, a technique. You have to get in the Louisiana frame of mind, and put a Louisiana passion into it.”

Daley confirms that he hopes to be back for the 2018 event.


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