LAFAYETTE, LA – Wow. Finances must really be tight in the area right now. The St. Jude Dream Home was revealed today and it’s a little, well, underwhelming to say the least.

The annual charity raffle will see one lucky family win the house, however it’s yet to be seen if many people will want to move in to this homestead. Usually a luxurious 3-4 bedroomed behemoth that a River Ranch resident would be semi-comfortable living in, lack of funds have seen it somewhat take a bit of a nosedive in terms of aesthetic and visual appeal.

Sporting a “fresh white and aqua” exterior color palette, the 120-square foot shelter appears to be constructed using some sort of aluminum-like material. The single-glazed windows are also a, uhm, interesting feature.

The garden area appears to have been left up to the winner to work on. Which is nice, as it gives them the opportunity to add their own personal touch. A gaze of raccoons do come already settled into one corner of the yard. So hey, you get some free pets.

We’re yet to find out if the property has running water and electricity.

Neighbor Julia Greenwood admits that there have been better St. Jude’s Dream Homes in the past.

“I mean… it’s okay“, she said, “It’s a roof over a head. But it’s a little – I don’t know – sad looking. I heard on the grapevine that the local economy saw the original specs of the design severely downgraded. Which is a little obvious now. But it’s for a good cause and I’m sure someone will appreciate it.”

“We had to call police a couple of times in the past few weeks to evict some hobo’s, but that’s okay. It’s just a thing. They moved on. I’m excited to find out who out new neighbors are.”


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