LAFAYETTE, LA – A great piece of news coming out of the U.S. Olympic camp today. With the 2018 Olympics just a little over one year away, it has been confirmed that the U.S. Olympic Diving Team have selected the West University underpass as their preferred of training site.

Mainly due to the fact that it spends more time underwater than dry, the site offers the team a near-consistent 15ft of water to dive into from the bridge above.

Officials visited the site on Sunday and, upon seeing just how quickly the underpass took on enough water to fill a swimming pool, were immediately impressed.

“This is one of the best outdoor sites that I’ve personally seen”, said U.S. Olympic official Scott Moore. “The way that thing fills up with water so quickly is a technological marvel. Who knew that your little city nestled down here in the South was so advanced? We were sold on it straight away.”

“It also reduces our cost in the sense that we don’t need to install any diving boards, as the facility already has a bridge that the athletes can jump off of. The added danger of having to dodge those freight trains will also improve their agility and awareness. And we’re only being charged a rental fee of $50 and a box of performance enhancing pills per day by your local officials. It really is a win-win for Olympic¬†sports in America.”

Athletes are expected to start practicing there early in the Summer.


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