KAPLAN, LA – This is a huge win for intellectual inclusion. It’s exciting times for small towns across Southern Louisiana, as a brand new word search book is about to hit state magazine shelves that are tailored specifically towards the outlying population.

SimpleSearch Word Search is a brand new publication, aimed at giving people a chance to join in with the rest of the civilized world in enjoying a puzzle book during some quiet down-time. Each word search puzzle contains only four letters, and requires you to find a single two-letter word.

Experts believe that this will be ideal for many Louisiana communities, not only by making them feel less like outsiders, but also by keeping them entertained for days at a time.

“This is a step in the right direction”, said Keith Osborne of Mensa International, “While these word searches may only take the average person under half a second to complete, they pose a huge intellectual challenge to many people across Southern Louisiana. Anything that can get them away from wasting their lives watching The Price is Right is a plus in my book.”

The book has already had rave reviews from the cities of Kaplan and Delcambre, which has welcomed the introduction of brain-usage into their societies.

“I like this puzzle book”, said long-time Kaplan resident Ana Hanson, “Puzzle number one took me three days to complete. It was a challenge, but I could feel something happening up in my head area that felt good. It feels nice to be just like those city folk. Maybe I’ll end up leaving Kaplan city limits one day, who knows?”

Delcambre resident Bob Morell was a little frustrated, however.

“I made it to puzzle number two, and got stuck.”, he said. “Guess I’ll keep coming back to it, though.”


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