LAFAYETTE, LA – In what has been described as a “monumental effort from all involved”, ice and snow-related road incidents have been kept to an absolute minimum this week thanks to local authorities’ decision to grit the roads with Tony Chachere’s seasoning.

Up to 30 gritters were on Southern Louisiana roads at any given time, all fully-laden and spreading the Cajun staple, to ensure that are drivers were given the best possible grip while behind the wheel.

Operations manager Todd Meneaux said he was extremely satisfied with the outcome.

“We think that everything went as smoothly as it possibly could have”, he said. “As we see the temperatures begin to rise from a “balls ass cold” level to a more familiar “devil’s asscrack” level, we’re beginning to learn that there were only two freeze-related incidents. Both of these incidents involved F150’s with truck nuts, so we’re not really concerned about that.”

“We did however have a few incidents where people were hanging onto the backs of the gritters, trying to jar the seasoning up. Maybe to sell, maybe to use, maybe to bathe in. It’s Louisiana, so who knows? These incidents were all resolved amicably though.”


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