LAFAYETTE, LA – In a piece of news that experts have called “encouraging”, a new report shows that the number of aircraft accidentally mistaking Acadian Villages’ Christmas light display for a commercial airport runway approach has dropped 7% since 2015.

The report, compiled by the National Aviation Safety Board, shows that only 361 aircraft made landings at the historical village this season, in comparison to the 389 that landed on the grounds in 2015.

Aviation Data Analyst Tim Breckenbauer explains that signs are encouraging.

“Even though it’s not the significant drop we were hoping to see, it’s still a step in the right direction”, he said. “A huge part of the FAA’s pilot training program is drilling it into the students that Acadian Village at Christmas is not an FAA-authorized airport of any kind. It’s a historical village. With bright Christmas lights. But it can be difficult to differentiate.”

“We’re working closely with Acadian Village to brainstorm ways to avoid this whole issue. Maybe next year arranging the lights in such a way so that they spell out ‘THIS IS NOT AN AIRPORT’ or something. We’ll see. It’s still very much an ongoing discussion.”


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