BATON ROUGE, LA – In this time of festive cheer, it is all too easy to forget those that have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may all say, loud and proud, “Merry Christmas!”. And because of this, memorial services all across the state are taking place over the next few days to remember those that we lost in The War on Christmas.

It has without doubt been a long, tiresome, and grueling war; beginning almost one year ago, and finally reaching its conclusion in November when Donald Trump was elected 45th president of the United States.

Louisiana alone saw almost 3,000 of its residents selflessly give¬†their lives on the frontline. The memorial services will give residents a chance to remember the lives of the fallen, and say thank you to those who won’t be coming home for Christmas.

“The War on Christmas has taken its toll on all of us”, said Pastor Hank Adams of Mabolz First Baptist Church, “We want to ensure that they are not forgotten, and that we tell the stories of their lives and what they have given us.”

“Before this war started, we couldn’t even wish anybody a Merry Christmas. Nativity scenes were looked down upon. Christmas carols were something you’d only see in 19th Century, Victorian-era novels. It was even illegal for it to snow. But all of that has changed now; Christmas has returned, all thanks to these brave men and women.”

Contact your local church to see when a memorial service in your area is taking place.

In Memoriam


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