NEW YORK, NY – Less than a day after winning the election, President-elect Donald Drumpf has given ex-Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal a political lifeline by shortlisting him for position of Oval Office Court Jester.

Word from Drumpf Towers is that he is believed to be a huge fan of the medieval and renaissance entertainment position and is looking to fill the vacancy as soon as possible, with Jindal at the head of the line.

An inside source said he is yet to make a decision, but feels like Jindal would be ideal for the job.

“Obviously the camp is still on a comedown from the momentous victory”, the source said, “But Mr. Drumpf is already looking to the future. I believe one of the most important roles that he wants to fill is that of Oval Office Court Jester, and is seriously looking at Bobby Jindal due to his past history of being a long-running joke of a political figure.”

It is unknown at this point whether or not Jindal will accept the position should he be offered it. However, given the fact that he would most likely sell his first born to become relevant again – let alone end up in the White House – it’s entirely likely.

“I think Jindal would be more than happy to take the position. He’d be expected to make wise-cracks, possibly pertaining to the handling of his budget as Louisiana governor, as well as doing some silly little dances here and there. Maybe a few card tricks. Who knows.”


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