YOUNGSVILLE, LA – Following in the footsteps of John Bel Edwards, Donald Drumpf, and most recently President Obama, the democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton rolled into the state this morning to inspect flood-related damages in the Lafayette sub-division of Youngsville.

The only thing was, however, that it wasn’t her, as such. The Clinton campaign confirmed that they had actually sent a pre-recorded holographic version of her that was being projected along the streets by a state-of-the-art projection system, and that the real Hillary was currently relaxing in her Chappaqua, NY residence.

Embarrassment set in for the Clinton camp, however, upon the realization that they had actually installed the WRONG pre-recorded holographic clip into the system. This unfortunately resulted in Hillary appearing to point and laugh at piles of debris sitting in gardens, clap gleefully at destroyed houses, and even sing The Hills Are Alive to herself for a brief moment.

Campaign spokesperson Cory Revell apologized for the mix-up.

“Evidently somebody at the Umbrella Corporation installed the wrong visualization”, Revell explained, “Which, regrettably, saw Mrs. Clinton appearing to not really give a shit about those poor folk down in… where was it, again? Louisiana? Yeah that’s right, Louisiana. Obviously we can confirm that had she actually been there then she would have probably been very upset at the situation and definitely not sung The Hills Are Alive, or any other songs from cult musicals. Our profound apologies go out to Texas. Louisiana! Louisiana.”


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