LAFAYETTE, LA – With the rain dying down slightly in the past hour, area man Paul Gantrie has made the wise decision to head to the grocery store around the corner and stock up on essential goods that will see him through the remainder of the inclement weather.

Gantrie was spotted making a half-hearted dash from his vehicle to the store entrance, before grabbing a cart and beginning his thirty-minute-tops quest.

Maneuvering expertly around aisle corners, he was momentarily seen at the non-perishables aisle sighing in disappointment at the lack of Star Wars-themed mac and cheese cups that had clearly been raided, before once again disappearing into the depths of the store.

However our hero emerged victorious at the express register not ten minutes later, fully laden with staple goods that will see him survive the floods that have plagued the state. His cart was seen to contain a bagged potato, two boxes of regular Chips Ahoy packets, a case of Yuengling, and some peppermint-flavored gum.

Gantrie was believed to have completed the supermarket sweep by this point. However at the very last second he allegedly noticed the $3 movie bin, and after a few moments scoping out the inventory, added the Wesley Snipes classic Boiling Point to the haul.

It is believed that Gantrie is now all set to make it to at least Monday when the weather is supposed to settle down.


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