LAFAYETTE, LA – Armed, ready, and feeling like a complete online bad-ass, area man John Liveaux is ready to hit the local news outlet Facebook pages and really stick it to some people with his 31GB image folder of only the finest, hand-picked political memes.

John, who has been perusing only the most reputable sources to harvest his images from, feels like the time is right to really slam that freshly-posted local news article with his text-on-image memes and put those darn know-it-all’s to shame.

“It’s taken me almost a solid year of browsing to put this folder together”, he said, “But I think I’m there. If I was an army, I’d have enough ammunition to win five world wars back to back to back to back to back. Every single one of these memes is true – I know, because I’ve made sure to only pull them from reputable sources such as the ‘Conspiracy Busters’ Facebook page and”

However, when confronted with the possibility that they may be, y’know, unreliable, John was steadfast in his reply.

“Of course everything is true!”, he exclaimed, “All completely factual. Do you really think people would waste their time putting these together if they weren’t? If it’s there on a screen in front of me then it’s good enough for me to use. These sheeple need to learn and do some damn research!”

John explained that his main prerogative for spamming local news outlets with the hard-hitting imagery was to show people the truth.

“Luckily I’ve already done my research”, he said, “And I see all these nasty, damn democrats and liberals and commies and all sorts of evil, posting their hatred online and somebody needs to lead them to the light! I’m here to do that. And I won’t stop until I post my very last meme.”


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