CLEVELAND, OH – In what will surely bring a good ol’ dollop of pride to the Acadiana area, a group of local T-boys were hand-picked by republican officials to perform at the Republican National Convention half-time show last night.

Armed with their jacked-up and fully-raised F150’s, the guys put on a show for the ages. The roars of their heavily-modded engines and widened tailpipe’s shook the walls of the Quicken Loans Arena, as their trucks flew through the air from ramp-to-ramp, amazing spectators and leaving the star-spangled crowd’s jaws dragging along the floor even more than usual.

Chants of “USA! USA! USA!” echoed through the corridors, putting a tingle up the spine of even the most emotionless attendee. It was like being at Mudfest. Just less mud.

Highlights of the performance included a nitrous oxide-powered barrel roll, a diamond tuck-under break, left and right echelon rolls, and even included – to the delight of the bloodthirsty crowd – a dirty roll through a giant cut-out of Hillary Clinton’s face.

None of the T-boys were available for interview after the show due to allegedly being too preoccupied with the free condiments station, but the pride that they brought to the area can not be denied.

They return to a segment of Johnston Street near you this weekend.


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