BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana residents were up in arms this morning as, in true Louisiana style, they managed to pin the social and political unrest in Turkey onto Governor Edwards.

The coup in Turkey began last night, as national military attempted to take the political power from current president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

However many local residents – still annoyed at Edwards’ announcement that he had installed a chicken coop on the front lawn of the Governor’s Mansion earlier this year – exploded with anger as they briefly heard something on Fox News about a ‘turkey coop’ and as usual put two and two together to make five.

“It’s a disgrace!”, said area local Ron Levaux, “Is this what our taxes go towards? First of all Governor Edwards builds a chicken coop with taxpayer money, and now I hear murmurings of a turkey coop?! He’s a criminal, plain and simple! Those damn democrats should never have been allowed anywhere near that mansion! Building stupid things with our money, it’s unreal!”

Area woman Sandra Hausbrucker also talked of her anger.

“How many different types of birds does one man need?!”, she said, “A chicken coop and now a turkey coop! And us regular Joe’s are only allowed like, what, one chicken per household or something like that? He just doesn’t get it. He’s been a disaster since day one.”

Coup events continue. In Turkey. The country. Not on the front lawn of the Governor’s Mansion.


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