The brand new Trinity R. Woods Memorial Garden, as well as a monument immortalizing her famed e-mail request. (Click for larger image)

LAFAYETTE, LA – In what has been described as an “overdue yet somewhat classy” move by critics, the University of Lafayette yesterday paid tribute to local legend Trinity Woods by opening a brand new memorial garden, as well as observing a two-minute silence.

It is exactly three years ago last Sunday since Woods gained cult status by requesting a History 222 review sheet by e-mailing everyone in the university e-mail system – a move considered by most as risque and utterly stupid – and officials at UL felt that it was time to honor that memory.

University official Natalia Clement said that the new garden was the perfect way to remember Trinity.

“Trinity’s plea is a memory that will live on in UL hearts and minds for generations to come”, she said, “We have created the Trinity R. Woods Memorial Garden as a place of reflection, a place of courage, a place to remember that you can always get things done at the expense of extreme embarrassment. Hopefully this becomes a popular spot for students in desperate situations.”

The garden itself features a luscious range of roses, shrubs and trees. It also includes numerous seating areas, an eating area, and a canopy area that includes computers linked directly to the e-mail system. There is also a monument with the inscription of the very e-mail that Trinity sent back in 2013.

The memorial garden was officially declared open yesterday during a small ribbon-cutting ceremony, which also included a two-minute silence at mid-day to mark the heroic efforts of Woods, which was complimented by a 222-gun salute. Clement said that the whole event was emotional.

“The ribbon cutting was a tear-jerking moment for everyone involved”, she said, “We had a great turnout as around 150 students and faculty attended. The two minute silence was impeccably observed. We’re already beginning to plan next year’s commemorations.”


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